The first of two new Indian flights to reach Oman

Air India has announced that its first scheduled flight from Patna to Oman has successfully completed its scheduled departure time and destination.

The Indian-registered A320-200 will depart Patna at 6.30 pm on April 21, and arrive in Oman at 9.15 pm on Sunday.

The aircraft will be operated by the Air Mediterranean Air Cargo and Transportation Ltd (AMCT) and will be based at the Emirates Dubai International Airport (EDI) in Dubai.

The flight is scheduled to carry four crew members.

“We are thrilled to announce that we have successfully completed our scheduled flight to Oman from Patnam.

The first flight will depart from Patras airport on Tuesday, April 21.

The next flight will leave from EDI on Monday, April 22 and arrive at Oman at 10.30 am on Sunday,” Air India said in a statement.

The company had said earlier that the air cargo and transport aircraft would depart from EDF on April 19.

The announcement comes a day after the UAE said it was planning to send a new aircraft to Oman in a bid to boost economic ties between the two countries.

Air India had said that it was also looking to add two aircraft to its existing fleet of seven aircraft to fly to Oman.

The new aircraft, which will be called the AirMediterranean, will be manufactured by Air India and will feature two new Boeing 777-300ER aircraft as its first aircraft.

AirMediamania will be able to carry 1,000 passengers.

“In terms of aviation infrastructure, Oman has one of the highest infrastructure requirements and is in the middle of a large development project.

We are delighted that we will be the first Indian airline to undertake this ambitious project in the region,” said Amit Agarwal, CEO, Air India.

The airline said it will also be making arrangements to use Indian-made equipment, including aircraft, for its maintenance.

“Air Mediamania is a joint venture between Air India, Emirates Dubai and AirMediM, a division of Air India International,” the statement said.

“This will be an example of India’s commitment to enhance its relationship with the UAE.

We look forward to working with the Government of Oman and the Emirati people in the years to come to further enhance aviation connectivity and trade.”

The announcement came two days after Indian air traffic controllers were detained by Oman authorities on suspicion of smuggling a plane and a small cargo in a cargo ship.

The two men, identified as Ramesh Kulkarni, 26, and his brother, Manoj, 25, were released on bail.

Air traffic controllers at the time had denied that the two men were involved in smuggling the plane.

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