How to buy wizz-air tickets on Virgin Australia flight

An airfare that costs you $150 and goes up to $300 has gone on sale.

Wizz-Air, a low-cost airline offering travel on Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Australia, has announced the first batch of Wizz-Arrivals.

It started selling the tickets on the day the Federal Government announced its “brave new world” travel policy, in the wake of the Sydney bushfires, and on the same day as the Federal Parliament’s decision to allow overseas flights.

Virgin Australia’s chief executive, Chris Connolly, said the company was looking at options for further sales.

“We are delighted to announce that WizzAir will be making a further limited number of WzzAir travel tickets available to our customers beginning this week,” he said in a statement.

“WizzAir is committed to continuing to expand the service, and we are delighted that WzzArrives will be available to Virgin passengers in the coming weeks.”

Virgin Australia has more than 2.5 million Virgin travellers.

The airline is offering the tickets in two categories: low-fare and high-fare.

Low-fare passengers can travel for up to 90 minutes for an extra $150.

The ticket will also go up to an extra 100 per cent when you buy a Wizz Air seat on an Australian Virgin Australia Virgin Australia Wizzair Seat.

Low fares can also be booked by phone or over the internet.

A Wizz Airways Wizz Arrivals can be bought online for an additional $100, and a Wzzair Seat can be purchased for an even more expensive $400.

Virgin Air, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Australia and Virgin West are the three companies Virgin Australia operates.

Virgin has been making moves to expand its business beyond its domestic footprint, but it is still very much reliant on Virgin’s domestic network.

In April it announced it would close its “unlocked” Virgin Australia domestic network by March 2019.

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