What is a Bangladesh Air flight?

Airlines and airlines in Bangladesh are now offering to take passengers from the country’s capital to other destinations in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, and to the United States. 

The move comes after a series of high-profile incidents, including the death of a pilot who fell off his flight in the southern Indian city of Chennai and the deadly stampede on a Chinese holiday island. 

Bangladesh’s Airports Authority (AAD) on Monday said it would open its new airport, located in the northeastern city of Srinagar, to domestic and international passengers on May 31.

The AAD said it will operate two-way flights to and from Srinigar between April and September. 

However, some airlines have been slow to offer the new route. 

“We are yet to open our new domestic route to the public, so it is only for domestic customers,” AAD chief executive Officer Shahidul Haque told Reuters news agency on Monday. 

Budget airlines have also not offered the route to domestic customers, with Emirates and Qatar Airways suspending flights to Srinagar on Sunday. 

In May, a pilot fell off a Thai Airways flight in Sriniganj, killing one and seriously injuring five others.

The pilot, who was identified as the first person to be killed on a commercial airline flight in Thailand since the country started issuing visas to foreigners in 2005, was from Thailand’s Ministry of Transport. 

A senior airline official told Reuters the pilot was a “professional pilot”. 

In the latest incident, on Saturday, a passenger was killed and six others injured when a Thai Airlines flight from Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur diverted to the city of Singapore for a medical evacuation after the pilot lost contact with the aircraft, said Thai Civil Aviation Commission (THCAC) chief minister Mahinda Raja.

The flight, bound for Singapore, was diverted to Singapore when the pilot noticed he had lost communication with the plane, according to the THCAC.

The Thai Civil Airports Commission has said the Thai Civil Flight was not under its control and the Thai Ministry of Civil Aviation has taken over the management of the flight. 

 The Thai Civil Aircraft Authority (THCA) said it is investigating the incident. 

India has been a popular destination for Indian travelers.

It is the second-largest foreign travel destination in the world after the US, according the International Air Transport Association. 

While airlines are struggling to attract passengers, they have faced pressure to reduce flights in the wake of high inflation, rising costs, and a shortage of foreign workers in the domestic service sector. 

More than half of the airline’s passengers in the first half of this year are from India, according data compiled by the Aviation Herald. 

Earlier this month, a Chinese passenger on a flight from Shanghai to Hong Kong was seriously injured when the plane touched down in the Indian city’s main airport. 

On May 30, a Pakistani passenger on the same flight sustained injuries when the aircraft was diverted for safety reasons in the city’s airport.

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