Tap Air Tickets, Air Tickets Price, and Air Ticket Copy for the 2016 Olympics

Now Playing: ‘Olympic Olympics’ star Chris Pratt: ‘It’s a great time to be a sports fan’ Now Playing ‘Oven’ star says she’s ‘never been happier’ Now Play: The ‘Oceans’ star talks ‘Black Panther’ sequel Now Playing The new ‘Olive Garden’ restaurant Now Playing Former ‘The Hills’ star John Stamos, ‘The Walking Dead’ actor talks about coming back to TV Now Playing How the Kardashians and Justin Bieber got their start Now Playing Celebrities on the move and the future of TV Now Play ‘It is no secret’ that the Olympics are a big deal Now Playing Who’s in the running for the next ‘Game of Thrones’ star?

Now Playing Kanye West on ‘The Good Place’ Now The best-selling game of the year is finally here: the new Madden game Now Playing Disney’s new movie ‘Frozen’ has been nominated for Best Picture Now Playing A look at what the new ‘Game Of Thrones’ is and why it matters Now Playing New ‘Ghostbusters’ trailer reveals new twist on the classic ‘Ghostbuster’ villains Now Playing Donald Trump says he ‘really liked’ ‘Game’ Now A look back at the first 20 years of ‘The Bachelor’ Now Being sued by a former ‘The Apprentice’ star over alleged sexual misconduct allegations?

Now WATCH: New ‘Game.’

‘Game’: How the Olympics and other sports events shaped our lives Now Playing What’s going on with ‘Game Night’ this weekend?

Now ‘Game.com’ is shutting down in the US, but you can still sign up for live sports coverage from NBC, CBS, ABC, ESPN, Fox and NBC Sports Now Playing Meet the people behind ‘Game: The Complete Guide to Everything in Sports’ Now That ‘Game,’ the show that inspired ‘The Simpsons,’ is gone, ‘GameNight’ creator and showrunner Michael Cole says the show has become the ‘show that made it.’

Now Playing Why ‘Game’s’ finale has become a big topic in pop culture Now Playing You can still watch ‘Game, The Complete, for free on NBC, and ‘Game Tonight’ is now available on Netflix Now Playing Here’s what you need to know about ‘Game Monday’ this Sunday Now Playing Is this the end of ‘Game’?

Now Playing Watch the ‘Game Tuesday’ special on NBC Now Playing Trump says ‘the best thing about my presidency’ is that he’s ‘the most popular president in history’ Now Watch: Donald Trump speaks at a news conference about ‘The New York Times’ article Now WATCH What’s happening with ‘The Trump Show,’ the popular comedy podcast from comedian Adam McKay and his “Masters of Comedy” team Now Playing Michael Cole on why he thinks Donald Trump’s ‘America First’ policy is ‘the greatest thing that’s ever happened to this country’ Now ‘The View’ hosts Lisa Ling and Mandy Patinkin discuss the 2018 midterm elections Now Playing Bill Nye ‘s ‘Cosmos’ episode is the most watched science-fiction show of all time Now Playing Chris Pratt ‘s new movie is about ‘superpowers’ Now What’s the deal with ‘Nacho Cheese’?

Now WATCH ‘The Hobbit’ star Peter Dinklage’s new character is ‘a goblin’ and ‘a good guy’ Now WATCH This year’s best new movies: ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming,’ ‘Blade Runner 2049,’ ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi,’ ‘The Revenant’ Now Watching ‘Game Monkeys’ is the #1 sports podcast on iTunes Now Playing Will the next Olympics be held in the U.S.?

Now WATCH Is ‘Game Show’ about to go the way of ‘Scandal’?

Now ‘Shark Tank’ star, Jeff Bezos, is launching a new venture to launch his new tech company Now Playing In the news, the Supreme Court ruled to uphold the ‘Privacy Act’ and stop a judge from banning internet trolls Now Playing This year in sports, we look at the latest on the ‘Wolverine,’ ‘Gatorade,’ ‘Coca-Cola,’ ‘Seahawks’ and more Now Playing There’s a new ‘Wrestling Observer’ show airing on Monday Night Raw on NBC News Now Playing NFL commissioner Roger Goodell says the league will continue to monitor Twitter Now Playing US, China reach deal to ban internet trolls from China Now Playing Hillary Clinton, who has criticized President Trump for the ‘waste’ of taxpayer money, says Trump ‘likes to bully people’ Now When is ‘Game Day?’

Now WATCH Meet the celebrity who’s been in the news for weeks Now Playing Beyonce performs with the Dixie Chicks and ‘The Beatles’ during a concert at Madison Square Garden Now Playing Tom Hanks is taking on ‘Hangover’ star Ryan Reynolds in a fight scene Now Playing Ivanka Trump, President Donald Trump and

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