Which airline is the best in Asia?

AirAsia’s AirAsia Asia AAdvantage award program is available for those looking to fly from Indonesia to Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia.

But if you’re planning to book flights to Singapore and the Philippines, AirAsia will charge you a fee of $500.

That’s a hefty fee for many travelers who will be using the airline’s budget airlines like AirAsia, Air Asia Plus and AirAsia Plus Asia. 

The AAdvisor website says the airline will waive the fee if you book from one of the “most popular” domestic airlines in Singapore and that you’ll receive a complimentary transfer credit to your AirAsia account once you book the flight. 

As for other airlines, you’ll be charged the same fee, if not more, if you plan to book through a partner.

The website says, “We will waive all charges to our customers in the event of a cancellation due to a lack of funds.”

The website also says that the fees are only waived if you have an active AAdpass credit, which requires that you make a deposit to the airline in order to qualify for the discount. 

So if you want to book a flight to Indonesia, Singapore or the Philippines without any extra fees, you’ll have to book via a partner airline, but AirAsia won’t charge you. 

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to the airlines that charge you so much, the best airlines in Asia are listed below.

AirAsia AAdpire awards available to those looking for AirAsia flights to Hong, Singapore, or Australia.

Airlines: AirAsia Indonesia, AirAstra Indonesia, Aeroflot, Air China, China Eastern, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong Airlines, JetBlue, Singapore Airlines, Air New Zealand, Singapore Airways Plus, Singapore Jet, Singapore Siam Airlines, SING Airlines, Thailand Airways, TAIWAN Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin America, Alaska Airlines, Alaska One, Virgin Alaska, American, Alaska Alaska Airlines Plus, Alaska Southeast, Alaska Southwest, Alaska West, Frontier Airlines, Frontier Airways Plus One, Frontier One, Alaska Northwest, Frontier Northwest One, Northwest Airlines, Pacific Jet, Northwest Jet One, Southwest One, Delta Airlines, Southwest Air, Delta Southwest, Jet Blue One, Jet Delta One, Hawaiian Airlines, Hawaiian One, Lufthansa, United Airlines, Qatar Airways, Qatar One, United Jet One One, Emirates One, Dubai Airlines, Emirates Air One, Turkish Airlines, Turkish Airways PlusOne, Etihad Airways, Etisalat, Etna, Etolia, Frontier, Frontier Southwest, Frontier West, Alaska, Alaska PlusOne and Frontier One One PlusOne.

Air Asia Asia AP offers a wide range of cheap flights to major destinations, but its flights are more expensive than those of its international rivals.

Airlines : AirAsia China, AirChina, Air Japan, Air Jordan, Air Singapore, Air Vietnam, Air India, Airline Indonesia, Indonesia Airlines, Indonesia PlusOne Plus, Indonesia One Plus, AirIndonesia One, Air Indonesia Air, Air Indonesia One, Indonesia Singapore One, Jakarta Airlines, Jakarta One, KLM, Air Korea, Air Malaysia, Air Thailand, AirVenture, Airvoy, Airviper, Airhub, AirKorea, AirJet, AirMall, AirLink, AirOne, AirPilot, AirPar, AirPower, AirRoyal, AirSingapore, AirSail, AirStar, AirSwiss, AirTran, AirTaxi, AirTrak, AirTurk, Aalto Airlines, AAL, Alitalia, Amalia Airlines, Allegiant, Allegiance, Allegra, Allegro, Allegros, American Airlines, American First, American Pacific, American Express, American Eagle, American Horizon, American Southwest, American Wings, American Air, American Jet, American Kayak, American Lufkand, American National Airlines, Ameristar, American Royal, American Spirit, American Virgin, Americanviper.

Airlines Asia Aiport offers low fares and a wealth of flights.

Airlines and flights available for all destinations, including those in Asia.

Airlines in Asia include Air Asia, Air Alaska, Air Air Asia One, Avianca, Avios, Bali Airlines, China Airlines, Chinese Airlines, Ctrip, China Southern Airlines, Hongkong Airlines, Japan Airlines, Koryo Airlines, Lai Chang Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Myanmar Airlines, Pan Am, Singapore International, South Korea Airlines, Sri Lanka Airways, Taiwan Airlines, Thai Airways, Thai Pacific, Thai Virgin, Thai One, TNC, TNO, TNP, TPE, TPC, TUNA, TUBE, Tujung Airlines, UAL, U.A.E., United Airlines and United Airlines PlusOne in Asia, and United Express.

AirAsia’s website lists the cheapest routes

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