How to buy cheap flights from Budapest to Barcelona, from the airport to the city, from €10

BUDAPEST, Hungary — A tourist with a bag full of luggage can buy cheap air tickets to Barcelona in the next two weeks, or €10 a day, thanks to a new portal, fastAir, that aims to ease travel costs in Europe’s busiest air hub.

The portal allows users to book flights, pay for a hotel room and arrange a transfer at the airport.

FastAir is a travel booking platform with a focus on getting travelers to Barcelona as quickly as possible, according to the company’s co-founder and chief executive, András Gómez.

The portal is the result of a series of meetings between the company and Barcelona’s Tourism Directorate, he said.

FastAir was founded in 2014 and Gómaz said the portal has been working since 2015.

“The company has already taken on a significant part of the challenge of facilitating the exchange of information between Barcelona and other European cities, but we also want to make it even easier for tourists to find cheap air travel,” Gómedas said.

The portal has a small team of about 20, and Gomméz said it is aiming to have it up and running by the end of the year.

Travelers can book flights from Barcelona’s airport to other European capitals for between €10 and €20, according the portal.

A quick booking process is then created, which allows a user to book a flight, pay and have it arrive within two to three days.

The company is hoping to reach the €20-to-$40-per-day price range for the trip in the near future, he added.

FastPass, a booking platform that helps users book flights for hotels, car rentals, museums and concerts, is also launching in Barcelona.

It currently charges between €20 and €30 per person per day, and the platform is also aiming to charge between €60 and €70 per person a day.

Gómeos said that the company will launch the portal in Barcelona’s La Merengue Airport sometime this year.

FastPass is based in London, but it is expected to expand in Barcelona and the rest of Europe, with plans to open more locations in Spain and France, he continued.

Gommés said FastPass is the largest travel booking app in Europe, and that its mission is to help people get to and from the most popular destinations and events in the world, as well as the best prices.

FastPass currently offers over 40 million travelers a variety of cheap travel options, including cheap hotel stays, overnight stays in the United States, and a number of other services.

He said the company has over 300,000 active users and that FastPass has been operating in Barcelona since 2014.

The company also said it was looking into bringing its app to Barcelona’s international airports.

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