Horizon Air’s tickets go on sale on Tuesday, October 27

Horizon Air is a small airline owned by the German conglomerate AirMatic.

The company operates over 1,500 domestic and international flights each week and is considered one of the largest domestic carriers in the world. 

Horizon Air, the most popular airline in Germany, is offering a premium seat upgrade on its flights starting October 27.

The upgrade, which starts at a $600 discount, will increase the price of your seat to $1,400 and will include access to the Horizon lounges and VIP loungues. 

If you need a ticket to a Horizon event, this is a good deal! 

In addition to the $600 upgrade, Horizon Air also offers a new premium seat at the gate at the following price: $1,500 upgrade Horizons flights will be available at Horizair.com, where you can buy a ticket and get your seat upgraded to a premium or “virgin” cabin for the price $2,000, which includes a personal check-in and complimentary snacks and beverages. 

You can also upgrade your seat with a complimentary hotel stay to Horisair.de or Horitas.de.

Horizon Air has a superior selection of cabin options for the “vivid air” traveler. 

This includes a pre-selected premium cabin that is guaranteed to be air-conditioned, which is better for the health of cabin crew and the comfort of passengers, as well as for the comfort and safety of your family. 

 Horita has also created a special airport lounge for the super-well-to-do traveler.

This lounge will be located on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the Horizon Air Airbus A320 aircraft, and is also available for $1 a night. 

These cabin upgrades and amenities are not available to regular flyers, so Horizon’s customers must be interested in purchasing premium cabin upgrades to maximize their benefits. 

So far, Horizon has only offered a handful of cabin upgrades, and its cabin upgrades will be offered at the same time as its premium cabin. 

For more information on Horizon’s cabin upgrades check out HorizonAir.com. 

Also, be sure to like Horitos Facebook page.

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