Why you should buy a ticket for a new Air India plane: The price

It’s no secret that Air India has fallen far behind the rest of the airline industry in terms of passenger volumes, but a new report from Priceline Air Travel reveals the airline still manages to get by with a price tag that is far higher than its rivals.

The new Priceline report, released Wednesday, found that Air Canada, United Airlines, and Qatar Airways are all priced at between $250 and $300 for an individual ticket.

For those of you who are wondering how a plane like Air India, with its low-cost seats and affordable fares, could make that much money, the answer is simple: the airline is able to get around that by charging a very high markup.

As we previously reported, Priceline found that in 2017, Air India sold more than 5 million tickets per year, compared to just over 1 million tickets sold by its competitors.

But in order to keep costs low, Air Ireland, which operates Air India as well as other major airlines, was able to charge fares that were nearly three times that of its competitors and make more money.

Air India’s average price tag in 2018 was $267.40, according to the Priceline study, and the airline’s average fares for that year were $532.85.

The cheapest Air India ticket was priced at $249.75.

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