Why Canadians will support Air Canada over Virgin Atlantic

AIR CANADA is offering passengers a new way to see Canada from outside the U.S. The airline is offering its “Away Air” option, which lets passengers fly anywhere in the world without a ticket, for $199 a ticket.

It’s the first time Air Canada is offering a “direct flight” option to people outside the United States.

This means you can fly to Toronto from anywhere in Canada and then hop on an Air Canada flight to San Francisco or Toronto from there.

This is a new service, Air Canada says, because of “international and regulatory issues.”

“Our goal is to make it easy for our customers to see us from outside of the U/S,” said Air Canada CEO Chris Arnold in a press release.

“With our new Air Air Travel Guarantee, customers can fly the same way anywhere in North America for $249.”

That’s not as good as the Virgin Atlantic’s $399, but it’s cheaper than the airline’s regular fare.

It’ll also work on Air Canada’s own flights.

“This service offers the best value for the airline, the lowest price and the best quality of service,” Arnold said.

For now, the airline says the service is limited to domestic routes between Toronto and the U., but Arnold said Air France is looking at expanding the service.

This might be the best way to show your support for a carrier that has done so much to improve its service since it was created in 1996.

“The Air Canada Express will be a true global service for the foreseeable future, and it will give our customers a truly global experience with our airline,” Arnold wrote in a blog post.

While the service might seem like a good fit for people who want to fly internationally, it could also be a bit pricey for some.

Air Canada offers direct flights between Canada and the United Kingdom, which starts at $200 and goes up to $299 a ticket for the same itinerary.

The carrier says this is a lower-cost alternative to paying for a ticket through the airline.

But that price tag also means you could fly from the U to the U of A and back again, which is not exactly ideal.

And the airline doesn’t offer a refund option, so there’s no way to get your money back once you fly.

You can only get the flight from the airline if you purchase a ticket before the airline starts offering the service, so if you don’t book that ticket in advance, you’ll have to pay another $100 for it to arrive.

Air Canada says it’s looking into ways to bring the service to other parts of the world.

“We’re committed to supporting all our customers and passengers in any way we can,” Arnold added.

“Our customers are asking for it and we’re doing everything we can to make sure they can access our service, whether it’s through the Air Travel Promise, through the Global Guarantee or our frequent flyer program.”

Air India plans to introduce an Air India Express to offer a cheaper direct flight to the Caribbean island of Barbados, starting at $249 a ticket starting next month.

Airlines will also be testing a new flight offering between the U and South Korea, starting from $189 a ticket from the carrier’s U.K. hub.

And for now, Air France says it has no plans to expand the Air India service.

(This story has been corrected to fix an earlier version that incorrectly stated the price of the Virgin America Express would be $399.)

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