How to buy air tickets in India in August 2018

Air travel in India, a major market for Indian airlines, has not been affected by the monsoon season, but the country has been hit by a spate of road accidents.

Here are the key points of travel in August.

Airports in India are still operating but some of them are temporarily shut down as the monsoons come to a close, with the number of cancellations rising. 

On Tuesday, three airlines – Air India, Air India India-BKK and Jet Airways – reported cancellations of almost 2,000 passengers. 

The government had ordered airlines to make flights more frequent, but with many of them not operating due to the mon-soon, passengers and crew have been left stranded. 

Airlines are being urged to run frequent service and offer additional assistance for the stranded passengers, the government said in a statement. 

India is currently on track to pass the month with an average temperature of 25.6C, according to the National Meteorological Centre. 

It is forecast that monsoon will bring cooler temperatures in the region. 

Air India’s air traffic control centre said it was unable to provide details about the number and duration of flights on Tuesday due to a severe storm. 

Jet Airways also reported a large number of departures on Tuesday, but officials could not confirm the number as of late. 

“Due to the adverse weather, we are also temporarily closing our operations at our hubs and our flights are not operating.

We will work with our stakeholders to come up with a solution as soon as possible,” Jet Airways said in an email. 

In a separate development on Tuesday afternoon, the ministry of external affairs said the government had given clearance to Air India and Jet Air to operate in India as of August 21. 

Officials said that the two airlines would operate between Mumbai and Delhi as part of the Indian Airlines Group, which is set to merge with another airline group in 2019. 

Indias total international flights in August were 4,079,000, with 8,717,000 of them taking off from Mumbai, according the Ministry of Civil Aviation.

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