5 things to know about air travel in Serbia

The country’s air travel industry is still struggling to recover from the 2008 pandemic, and with it, its domestic airlines and air passengers.

According to the International Air Transport Association, Serbia is one of the world’s only countries where no domestic airline operates.

Serbs pay between $500 and $1,000 for a domestic flight, and for a business class ticket, the price jumps to more than $2,000.

Air Serbia, which is owned by the government, has been offering flights between Serbia and Albania since the late 1990s, but only a few hundred passengers per day take the route.

But the Serbian airlines are hoping to get back to business as usual soon.

Air Serbia plans to open up to 10 new routes on its domestic routes, starting with the capital, Belgrade.

The company will operate a few routes that will connect with flights from Belgrade to Istanbul, Istanbul to Sofia, and Sofia to Ankara.

In February, Air Serbia said it would open up another route from Belgrad to Budapest, as well as another to Baku and the Black Sea resort of Samsun, according to a press release.

Serbian airlines are currently flying between 10 and 12 flights daily, according in the release, with the number of flights likely to grow significantly after opening up additional routes.

But Air Serbia has also been expanding its service to other destinations, such as Germany, and the airline is looking to expand its service in Europe as well.

Air Bosnia, Serbia’s national airline, has opened two new routes from Belovica to London Heathrow, a move that will help ease the travel pressure on the company.

But as more and more travelers leave Belgrade, airlines are looking to move their planes closer to home.

Serbians have long relied on air travel to get around the capital city, and that may soon change.

The city of Belgrade is known for its air-conditioned, high-speed rail network, which has helped it become one of Europe’s largest hubs for tourism.

Many of the trains and planes used to fly between the capital and its suburbs are now scheduled to depart in the coming weeks, meaning Belgrade may soon be a destination for travelers.

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