Why I stopped booking airline flights

Posted June 03, 2018 12:04:55I had my first ticket to India in October 2016.

I booked a ticket from New Delhi to Hyderabad and booked an international flight from Mumbai to Delhi.

My itinerary included a night in Mumbai and the city of Kolkata.

I checked in at the airport and then went to the hotel to check in for the next flight.

When I got to the airport, I found the check-in desk empty and I couldn’t find my reservation.

I asked the ticket agent for the last available reservation.

He told me that the last reservation was taken in September and he was not able to give it back.

I called him back and I said, “I have to cancel my reservation because I was going to be there until September.”

He said, ‘Don’t worry.

I will give you a full refund.’

I was in a bit of a bind because I had no idea how to cancel the reservation and I was just too scared to cancel it.

I tried to call the reservation agent but no one answered.

Finally, I called a friend and asked, “Hey, do you know how to call?

I just wanted to cancel.”

He told me to come to the office and he would call me back.

The next day, I got a call saying that I had been called back.

I called back and asked for a refund.

I thought that he was joking and that he didn’t really care about my problem.

But he had no problem telling me that he did not care about the reservation.

I asked, ‘What if I didn’t get my refund?’

He said, no, I’m sorry.

I got mad.

I told him, ‘How can you be so honest with me?’

“After this, I canceled the reservation with my friend and booked a flight for the same day.

I never thought that a ticket agent would be able to refuse a reservation, but I was still very angry.

I contacted the airline and I told them that I was a ticketing professional and I would have preferred to be treated better.

After booking my flight, I thought, “Why did this ticket agent refuse to give me a refund?

If I had asked for it and they said no, then I wouldn’t have booked the flight at all.

“The next day I tried to get a refund, but the airline told me, “You have a refund pending, you can book the flight now.

“I was angry and I contacted another ticket agent and said, I want my refund.

She told me the same thing.

I tried calling another airline, but it told me it could not provide me a flight because I needed a refund for the ticket.

I contacted a lawyer and asked them to help me find the refund.

The lawyer told me they could not do anything.

I went to court and the airline paid the money I asked for.

But the airline still refused to give the refund, even though they knew that I could not cancel my flight.

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