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The first of two new Indian flights to reach Oman

Air India has announced that its first scheduled flight from Patna to Oman has successfully completed its scheduled departure time and destination.The Indian-registered A320-200 will depart Patna at 6.30 pm on April 21, and arrive in Oman at 9.15 pm on Sunday.The aircraft will be operated by the Air Mediterranean Air Cargo and Transportation Ltd […]

How to use your airline ticket on the Apple App Store

Apple’s App Store has a lot of great apps for its users, including a number of travel services.In addition to the regular airline fare booking, Apple offers several other travel apps, including its own AirVue and Avaya travel services, as well as a slew of travel sites like TripAdvisor.But while the Apple Travel app does […]

How to book the cheapest flights and airfares on the Flighthub Air Ticket website

The Flighthubs Air Ticket site allows you to book travel from A to B on any of its platforms.For example, if you’re looking to travel to Auckland for a wedding, you can book a Flighthuba flight from Brisbane to Auckland.If you’re on holiday and need to book a hotel, you’ll be able to book that […]

A plane from Uzbekistan to Milan could arrive in Italy on Friday

A plane that had been due to leave Uzbekistan on Friday had to be delayed by nearly four hours due to a fuel shortage.The plane landed in the Italian port of Lodi on Thursday afternoon and passengers were informed of the delay after it landed.“Due to fuel shortage we were forced to rescheat the trip.The […]

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