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SpiceJet flight to India to be delayed due to ‘medical crisis’

A SpiceJet plane bound for India will be delayed for two days as a result of a “medical crisis”.Air India announced that the flight from Mumbai to Bengaluru would not go ahead on Saturday due to a “health and safety issue” that required the crew to undergo “intensive medical treatment”.“The aircraft has been delayed due […]

Why you should buy a ticket for a new Air India plane: The price

It’s no secret that Air India has fallen far behind the rest of the airline industry in terms of passenger volumes, but a new report from Priceline Air Travel reveals the airline still manages to get by with a price tag that is far higher than its rivals.The new Priceline report, released Wednesday, found that […]

Broncos hold on to hold off Patriots on defense

DENVER — The Denver Broncos stayed on top of the New England Patriots by holding on to a 29-28 victory Sunday, holding them to four field goals and forcing five turnovers while allowing just two touchdowns.QB Mark Sanchez threw for 274 yards and three touchdowns, including the game-winning score with 5:43 left in the first […]

Air Dominicana is launching a direct-to-consumer airline service, ticketing service for the route

Air Dominica is the first non-European airline to offer direct-ticketing for Amazon.The AirDominicana service will let customers buy and sell air tickets directly from Amazon’s website.The service is aimed at passengers who don’t have an Amazon account, but want to book flights on Amazon and use the company’s services for other purchases, such as entertainment.The […]

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