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How to avoid the U.S. airlines “airfare bug”

As the U:S.Airline Travel Bubble has been in full swing for nearly two months, travelers are getting increasingly frustrated with their increasingly limited options, with a growing number choosing to fly elsewhere.Some of these options include booking air tickets to other countries, flying directly from Europe or Asia, and even taking a plane to Hawaii.But […]

How to get tickets to Berlin air show (Google)

German airline BerlinAir has announced the opening of its tickets page for the 2019 Berlin Air Show.The tickets are available for purchase at a price of €39.95.The website says: “Get tickets to the 2018 Berlin Airshow at the discounted price of 30 €.”The airshow, which takes place in early 2019, will be hosted by the […]

Airfare tracker for Britain, Iceland, Iceland air tickets: scotlands air tickets

Scotlandsairways.com has updated its air ticket database with the price and seat availability for each of the countries listed above.The UK has the cheapest ticket, with prices ranging from £1,100 to £2,000.Iceland, on the other hand, is the cheapest with prices starting at £1 (UK) to £4 (Iceland).ScotlandAirways.co.uk will update its air tickets database with […]

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